Patricia not Pat

My name is Patricia Toomey. I am not a boy, do not call me Pat. I am not a burger, do not call me Patty. I have been telling people this for most of my life, but it has become a more predominant problem as I have continued through my collegiate career. Everyone is in such a hurry they cannot be bothered to pronounce all eight letters of my name, so they come up with some creative and some predictive nick names for me. What people call themselves matters. How people identify who they are matters. Whether it is by their name, sexual orientation, gender, race, culture, nationality, political party what they eat (vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, meat eater) WHATEVER IT IS!

I am excited about Sociology because it is about understanding different types and groups of people and understanding why they believe in what they believe in, how they identify themselves, and how they interact with others.

Donald Trump has been sworn in today, many people who identify as feminist, members of LGBTQ+, liberals etc are protesting against this choice of leadership and fighting for what they believe in. While this is a chaotic and crazy political and social climate, it is also wonderful that we can have the choice to identify for ourselves who we are and what matters to us- even if that is your name.



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