The 13th was a magnificent movie by Ava DuVernay that talked about racial inequality. The title of the movie 13th refers to the 13 amendment in the United States Constitution, which talks about the end of slavery expect for a person convicted of a crime. The amendment didn’t abolish slavery, but it just transferred people from the plantations into the prison systems. I thought that this was insane to think about just how many people are in the prison system still to this very day. Especially African Americans where studies show that they fill the prison population. When Slavery was finally abolished once and for all, that’s when we see the rise of Jim Crow laws. Which started another massive separation of African Americans away from society. This was also just disgusting to see, just the way that African American’s were treated. The way that they tried to manipulate the law each and every single time that blacks thought they had complete freedom. It was cool to learn that the black panthers fought for every single person. People thought that they were there just to help African Americans, but their main purpose was to have peace for each and every single culture. They had white people who started marching with African American people to fight for equality together. It’s the greatest thing in the world when we come together as one and fight for something that we all believe in. Without all of the fighting to change the 13th amendment, why might still have Jim Crow laws still to this very day. People are afraid of change, and they could sense the progression of the movement. So what was shocking to me was how they killed the leader of the black panthers. That scene even united people of different races even more. What hit me the most being a young African American male myself was the videos of all of the police brutality? In today’s society people sometimes think that racism doesn’t exist anymore, but it still does especially through law enforcement the way they abuse their power. The video showed clips of Trayvon Martin, Eric Gardner, Emmitt Till. It just upset me to see innocent young African American males targeted in different ways, and all ended up losing their lives. I feel like the police should practice more ways to be passive before just using brutal force to handle their problems. Especially the amount of force and extra discretion that it seems like they used towards the African American race. Also it was crazy to see how much that society puts on the war of drugs. How certain drug offenses can result in spending your whole entire life in prison. Our jails over very over populated for petty crimes, which just isn’t fair I feel like. How someone can get the same amount of jail time for drugs, for someone who murders a person. But I loved how this film attacked certain areas that people find uncomfortable to talk about. I recommend people watch this film.


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