Women in law enforcement

Arlie Hochschild’s theory of emotional labor made me think about women in law enforcement. The theory talked about emotion management and how it’s different by gender. Back in the day you could see how women did not have as big of a role in law enforcement as men do. You would see a lot of white males who predominantly own the law enforcement jobs. Also how men would get all of the dangerous calls likes a robbery, car crash, and more. But now you can see a change in the emotion management in more equality in law enforcement. You see a lot more women on the force that work with the men. In the academy women also have to complete the same requirements that men do, including the physical aspect, and mental aspects in the academy. Women also are now captains and have higher roles in law enforcement and have the same opportunities as men. But still you see that men get paid more for doing the same job, which still needs to be changed. That’s why we see these feminist movements march and keep fighting for equality. It’s a lot better than how it was back in the day, but there could still be a lot of change. I believe if everyone keeps fighting for what’s right, eventually we will see these changes in salary. Gender will not be a factor in pay, and color. You also see a lot of women of color in law enforcement, so we are moving in the right direction in society.


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