Culture Industry

Through this reading we learn a lot about the Culture Industry through the eyes of Horkheimer and Adorno. What they believe is that individuals are often brainwashed about every single thing they see. They feel like there is now originality and that humans can’t think for themselves. That’s why we have different forms of technology in society so that we don’t have to think as much, and not put in that much effort in life. I can personally see this in how much more technology we have now. When I was younger me and my sisters did not have half of the things that kids now in this generation. But also how he broke it into two different categories. You have broadcast media and Network Media. Radio is the first example that they used. How it reaches out to multiple people at one time because it can have played wherever and whenever. However, it’s only one single source. But Network Media has multiple sources that we see like on tv. Different stations and channels that play throughout the whole entire day. The culture industry is kind of like a drug and very addictive. I personally believe that we will never escape it, and never be back to where we used to be. Back into a society that didn’t require that much technology to have satisfaction. Now a days people need and crave their various forms of culture industry all the time. And we are too high up in technology to ever take steps backwards. So I agree what the authors were saying, and the culture industry has our generation brainwashed.


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